Birse Rail, part of Birse Construction, provides specialist railway engineering services across the UK. Since its inception, Birse Rail has rapidly developed into one of the industry’s leading players delivering high profile schemes for Network Rail and other industry stakeholders across the UK railway network.

These works range from individual one-off traditionally tendered design and build projects – typically new stations and depot refurbishments – to major portfolios of engineering works delivered through long term ‘Framework’ contracts and the delivery of complex route works.

Automated Solution

of the existing bid process
in a secure online environment

Money Saved

by implementing the 
Asite platform

Improved Communication

between Birse Rail and  
their supply chain

Asite’s cloud-based platform was selected by Birse Rail to provide a tendering solution on behalf of their client, Network Rail, for their Structures Framework Contract (SFC). The Framework covered the planning, design and implementation of repairs and renewals to major structures, including bridges and tunnels, as well as a program of embankment strengthening work.

Birse Rail used Asite’s Supply Chain Management solution to automate the existing bid process in a secure online environment. This allowed for bid specifications to be uploaded to one central area for easy access by authorized bidders, removed the requirement for manual copying, and allowed efficient distribution of bid documents and updates.

Victoria Hill-Stanford, Supply Chain Manager at Birse Rail said:

“The Asite platform provided all the functionality we needed, yet was very simple to use and cost effective. The support services from Asite ensured that our users and suppliers were completely comfortable with using the tool, allowing us to progress quickly with using it within our business.

The visible audit trail and fast track communication process that it facilitates ensured a more proactive communication network with our supply chain during the bid process, whilst maintaining all levels of integrity and security.”

Asite’s Supply Chain Management solution improved communication between Birse Rail and their supply chain, streamlining processes and ensuring best practice. The solution also provided Birse Rail with added security and ensured all communication was maintained in a clear and trackable audit trail.

While using Asite’s platform Birse Rail worked on a number of projects around the UK. One such project included the replacement of footbridges and subways in Kingsbury to comply with health and safety guidelines and enable the latest generation of trains to fulfil their performance potential. Upon completion 23 new footbridges and three new subways were built.

Over 54,000 companies use Asite to help them build better.


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