Adoddle: The New Dawn

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On the 17th of March we welcomed in The New Dawn of Adoddle – beginning in Sydney.


It was his 4th Birthday - and we were here to wish him a Happy Birthday with the beautiful Australian sunrise – The New Dawn. IT all started here.


We’re super-excited about his coming of age.



Ever since we created the platform, everyone I meet asks me - “what does Adoddle mean?”


Where I grew up, IT’s Adoddle means IT’s easy, IT’s a walk in the park, we’ve got you covered, IT’s a snap....

The New Dawn is a game changer – IT’s Cocial networking – corporate-strength Social Media.


Adoddle is absolutely fully loaded with new features.


My favourite has to be aMessage. aMessage is an instant collaborative chat app that enables real time conversations. Imagine your teams in the field being able to access their Common Data Everywhere… open a model file, instantly chat about it in real-time and assign each other tasks there and then - this is pure collaboration in the cloud.


Having pure Common Data Everywhere with the ability to chat about it with your team in real-time, is here. And The New Dawn of Adoddle is delivering it.


Our ATeam around the world followed Adoddle across the globe with parties in India, London and New York – A GREAT day was had by all and Adoddle has asked us to thank you all for helping to celebrate his birthday by getting up at the crack of dawn to joins us for the CRAIC.


We finished up in New York City with The New Dawn followed by the St. Patrick’s Day parade.


Happy Birthday Adoddle - enjoy The New Dawn!


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