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Hello and welcome to the next stage in the evolution of collaborative Software as a Service.  Today marks the beginning of the Business to User (B2U) wave for the AEC community and beyond - where the user is truly in control of their collaborative experience enabled by our platform.  You decide what you want to see and how you want to interact with IT within a controlled framework environment.


This new release has been built with YOU, the user in mind - it is certainly not a case of "If we build it, they will come" - this is definitely a case of "We built this because we listened to you" - so thank you for your constant feedback and involvement.


One of the things that I'm most excited about in our latest release is our AppLibrary.   This is a new area where we will be encouraging you the user to build applications for your very specific needs, hosted on the platform - and shared.


I hope you enjoy your user experience and we at Asite look forward to interacting with you more closely through our community portal. We will be keeping the A-Blog up to date with relevant and interesting stuff - so keep in touch.


Oh by the way, I almost forgot! We are still growing – have a look at our trading statement.

Once again welcome to this new user experience – its yours.


Tony Ryan 




Great to see one of the collaboration vendors taking a lead in embracing Web 2.0 - particularly as there is such a good ‘fit’ between the ethos of Web 2.0 and collaborative working.Really like the look of the new community site, Tony. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Will the Web 2.0 tools be extended into the functionality of the core Asite platform? Could we, for example, see project blogs, or project Twitter feeds?

Best wishes.

Posted by Paul Wilkinson  on  22/06  at  01:09 PM

Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s good to hear! 

Our latest release does indeed deliver a lot of social media functionality into the project environment. 

We have blogs, threaded discussion forums with survey and polling capabilities, wikis, image and video galleries which can pull from external sites like Flickr and Youtube, and RSS reader (aggregator) functionality.  All of this can be be private within a project team or within an organisation or set to be published publicly - and all of these functionalities have RSS feeds associated with them so that users can subscribe to get updates within Outlook or any other RSS Feed reader.  We haven’t done a project Twitter feed yet but if our customers are interested in this then it may well be a logical next step.

One of the largest government agencies in the UK is a client and will be using a lot of this functionality to create a knowledge management environment which will be available to their supply chain and to all of their capital projects running within Asite.  I think this will become a good case study of how Web 2.0 functionality can be applied by government when security and privacy concerns are addressed as in our platform. 

Of course its early days - but hopefully soon we’ll start to see projects sharing selected information via Web 2.0 means as a way of connecting with their public stakeholders.


Posted by Nathan Doughty  on  23/06  at  01:43 PM

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