Posted by Tony Ryan on 26-04-2019
Tony Ryan


Cloud computing is evolution personified: there is no Divine creator of technology, it evolves through natural selection.  


When cumbersome monolithic systems no longer fit, they have to evolve and adapt to their new environment, which today is Mobility and by doing so, improve.  


With the evolution of SaaS and Cloud computing, natural selection is seen at its very best - the most nimble and fittest will survive in the long term, whilst the cumbersome and slowest will be left behind.  


You only have to look back half a decade to see the major on-premise software providers telling us that SaaS and Cloud computing would not survive only to see these same providers clamouring to create their own Cloud solutions today.  They have not evolved, they believe that they are the Divine Artificers of Technology, they are not.  In the past, the technology of the day was forced upon us, today we force the technology of the future.  


And the same will apply to the evolution of BIM.  More to come on this later....


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