BAA save 2% on construction costs through the use of Asite 


BAA, one of the construction industry's largest and most demanding clients has awarded Asite a framework agreement to supply web-based project collaboration services. Matthew Riley, BAA Commercial Director for Terminal 5, said 'Over the last year Asite has delivered significant time and cost benefits to BAA's projects, typically reducing out-turn costs by 2%'. For a company such as BAA, who regularly spend in excess of £400 million on development per annum, this saving equates to predictable savings in the region of £8 million.


The Challenge 

BAA has an ongoing commitment to driving efficiency within its asset developments. They have already achieved tangible results through standardising the products used within their developments, and a further challenge has been to refine design and construction processes to achieve further savings.

BAA commissioned Asite to provide a collaboration solution that could be used throughout the company as well as providing a central repository for standard BAA product information. A key part of the challenge was to monitor and quantify the real cost savings of using collaboration tools. To do this, Asite worked with BAA to develop benchmarking/KPI's.

Before embarking on a framework agreement, the first step was to monitor and quantify the real cost savings of using collaboration tools. To do this, Asite worked with BAA to develop benchmarking/KPI's. The toilet refurbishment programme at Heathrow was chosen for the  trial - this provided a series of similar and relatively repetitive projects, allowing meaningful benchmarks to be made. The programme consisted of 5 projects, 23 companies and 80 users encompassing clients, consultants, contractors, trade contractors and suppliers.

A further part of the challenge was for BAA to increase awareness and acceptance of collaboration tools amongst the BAA project teams. They were keen to establish one overall solution having already recognised the benefit of using collaboration solutions and previously deployed several tools across their portfolio of developments.


The Solution

Asite was chosen by BAA for the trial for their consulting methodology and commitment to providing a high level of client support:

Asite's approach to solution-implementation starts by clearly identifying the organizational objectives for the solution and by fully capturing working processes. Asite also provides the necessary emphasis on facilitating the cultural change to maximise use of the solution. This is achieved through comprehensive team workshops and forums to obtain team 'buy-in'.

By using Asite's collaboration solutions, different BAA project teams in different locations can share, exchange and re-use information via the web-based tool. It provides a standard set of processes to request, review and exchange information, reducing re-working and on-site errors. BAA also utilise Asite's central products library facility to store and manage standard BAA product information. This facility enables standard products and components to be

dropped into projects where needed, thereby reducing redesign and ensuring all projects adopt consistent and the most up to date design information.

The Benefits 

On the strength of the benefits demonstrated through the benchmarking and KPI's, BAA awarded Asite a framework agreement to supply project-based collaboration services across all its future projects.

  • BAA expects to achieve a 2% saving on future projects by using Asite Collaboration.
  • Projects using Asite Collaboration were completed either early or on time compared with the 'best practice'.
  • Transparency and improved communication.
  • Reduced number of drawing revisions.
  • Reduced duration of drawing approvals.
  • Use of the standard product library to ensure standardisation across all BAA projects.

The BAA project emphasises the benefits of the Asite approach - delivering consultancy services and support above and beyond the functionality of the tool: 

  • Client support is essential for acceptance by all tiers.
  • Cultural awareness of audience is key.
  • Emphasis on a thorough understanding of BAA processes and translating these into the collaborative tool environment.
  • Important to sanction the Asite support and service approach for acceptance and to generate user confidence.
  • Important to get buy in from all tiers and for everyone to understand the benefits.
  • Training sessions targeted to audience.
  • Continual monitoring and resolution of cultural issues.

Company Profile

BAA is the world's leading airport company, serving 118 million passengers per year in the UK alone. With a capital investment programme of around £2 million a day BAA is one of the UK's principal developers of infrastructure and one of the construction industry's largest clients.

BAA recognise the on-going need to upgrade and develop their infrastructure to meet the growing demands for air travel, and to ensure that their airport facilities are built more efficiently and at a lower cost, without compromising on safety and the environment. To achieve this BAA are striving to change the way the construction industry handles major projects such as new airport infrastructure.


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Ash Bailey

SF Development Officer, Stoke on Trent City Council

"By using Adoddle across our programme, our teams were able to work collaboratively, which helped us to reduce error and risk, make time and costs savings and deliver more value. I would highly recommend the use of Adoddle for mission critical corporate collaboration."

Steve Brewer


"Using Asite Workspace has been of great benefit to Grosvenor. It has given us easy access to our project data and we can clearly see what and where progress is being made. It has helped communication between all our project delivery partners"

Matthew Riley

BAA Commercial Director for Terminal 5

"Over the last year Asite has delivered significant time and cost benefits to BAA's projects, typically reducing out-turn costs by 2%"

95 Queen Victoria Street project team,

"Asite Collaboration was voted as "Top added value tool to take to the next project."

Paul Davey,

Bovis Lend Lease

"There is less rework as people use the right information, first time. There is no argument as to whether a document is the latest, and the one which should be used."