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Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is the largest Welsh Government sponsored body. It is an independent environmental regulator and manages the natural resources of Wales alongside other former functions of the Welsh Government. This particular function was previously managed by Countryside Council for Wales, Forestry Commission Wales, and the Environment Agency in Wales.

As part of their large scope of work, the NRW ensures the environment and natural resources of Wales are maintained and used sustainably, now and in the future.

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NRW is the principal adviser and communicator to Welsh Government, and adviser to industry and the wider public sector, about issues relating to the environment and its natural resources. It also acts as a regulator, protecting people and the environment, including marine, forest, and waste industries.

As a Category one emergency responder, NRW responds to approximately 9,000 reported environmental incidents a year. NRW’s 1,900 staff collectively manage 7% of Wales’s land area, including woodlands, National Nature Reserves, water, and flood defenses.

NRW adopts a “joined-up” approach when managing Wales’ natural resources. Believing a healthy environment helps sustain people and our economy, NRW cares for Wales’ natural resources in a way that provides multiple benefits for people and nature in perpetuity.

To continue this work and overcome challenges such as declining plants and wildlife, NRW is adopting an approach that will see them work more closely at a community or landscape level to join things together and develop collective solutions.

The Environment (Wales) Act and the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act together create modern legislation for managing Wales’ natural resources and improving the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of Wales. The Environment Act focuses on building resilience in ecosystems and managing them more smartly.  




Asite has been supporting the work of Natural Resources Wales since 2014, providing them with a solution to optimize how they operate and provide an overview of multiple projects and frameworks within their organization.

Within the Asite Platform, NRW has established a system to manage multiple frameworks with different consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors. This solution allows them to seamlessly manage these stakeholder relationships.

With Asite, NRW can host framework information along with rate lists and cost reports. NRW can also manage their contracts through the Asite Contract Management solution, using the NEC3 suite of contracts, which offer a complete end-to-end project management solution for the entire project lifecycle.

The Asite Common Data Environment (CDE) is also utilized to provide NRW and their extended supply chain with shared visibility of their projects. The Asite CDE facilitates a single source of truth, as all documents associated with the project are stored, tracked, managed, and accessed from one centralized repository.




NRW is directly responsible for managing the natural resources that provide the Welsh people not only with their basic needs but with energy, prosperity, security, protection, and health.

As a direct result of the NRW’s work over the years, Wales has enjoyed cleaner beaches and rivers, fresher air, and world-class leisure and nature opportunities and attracts millions of tourists every year.

NRW works with specialists who with their vast experience coupled with the NRW’s own experts have considerable expertise in the assessment of environmental risk and the protection of the environment.



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