Project Estimating & Budgeting

Select the best suppliers

Integrated estimating and budgeting = accurate and confident forecasts.

The project cost management solution eliminates delays due to inefficient processes & spreadsheets by connecting your teams, systems, and processes on a single source of truth.

Master spend management

Master spend management.

Forecast project costs and schedules for easier cost management. Track actuals, commitments, and potential changes across every level of the cost breakdown structure for complete project budget management. Understand the full impact of cost efficiencies by arranging a demo with our sales team.

Tender Management

Select the best suppliers

Select the best suppliers.

Import your private suppliers, organise them with custom classification schemes and enable them to maintain their own data. Prequalify and compare contractors with custom apps and view scoring reports.

Master spend management

Analyse spending.

Track supply chain spend using apps or Asite eprocurement. Generate spend analysis reports and track rebate calculations for ultimate cost management.

Optimise bidding

Optimise bidding.

Create a bidders list from prequalified contractors and comply with public sector bidding regulations. Conduct secure online bidding, with customised apps, communication and bid scoring reports.

Manage supplier relationships

Manage supplier relationships.

Collaboratively manage contracts, trade agreements and performance reviews, with notifications for accreditation and terms reviews. Full audit trail of contractual changes.

Asite for buyers
Asite for buyers

Browse suppliers’ online catalogues with your agreed rates, and raise purchase orders or receive invoices for the items you purchase directly within the platform.
Raise orders from catalogues or using an RFQ workflow.
Create blanket orders and set authorisation levels for call-off orders.
Configure approval rules to match your process.
Compare items across catalogues and save item lists.
Manage change orders.
Track spend and performance against budget at multiple levels.
Complete audit history available at all times.

Adoddle for Suppliers
Asite for suppliers

Asite can host your electronic product catalogues and enable your customers to directly send you orders.
You can update the supplier or customer and directly send invoices back, all with only a web-browser!
Provide buyer-specific product catalogues with rich content such as product images.
Dynamically update catalogue data for price-sensitive items.
Electronically receive orders from buyers.
Create advance shipping notes and issue to buyers.
Create invoices from orders upon order fulfillment.

Save time and reduce costs

Save time and reduce costs

Access the platform on the web or integrate it with existing accounts systems to eliminate data-duplication and re-keying. No more time-consuming month-end reconciliations of orders and invoices. Get a real-time view of all transactions, with invoice/order matching so you can easily spot exceptions and save time on cost management.

Optimise logistics

Optimise logistics

Incorporate delivery logistics and goods receiving into your procurement process with Asite. Suppliers can raise advance ship notes and generate delivery tickets. Site receiving teams can use Asite’s mobile goods receipt app to see a list of expected deliveries and record receipt, including partial shipments, and defective items. Receipt notes are electronically routed to the supplier. Central procurement team-members can view real-time 4-way match reporting (order to invoice to delivery ticket to goods receipt note).

Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Contract management

Model contractual relationships track contract change. Track impacts on cost and schedule against baselines in real-time. Easily work with custom contractual clauses.

Project Risk Registers

Project risk registers

Implement standard risk control methodologies. Record risks and collaboratively categorise and score them. Designate risk controllers to manage risks and communicate how risks will be addressed. Get a real-time risk profile across all of your projects

Financial Control

Financial control

Track budgets, payments, and cost changes across your project portfolio. Collaborate directly with suppliers and contractors. Define cost centres, workpackages, and budgets.

Track online

Track online

Track budget, commitment, profit, and cash position in real-time. Record potential future costs. Receive and approve invoices from suppliers and contractors.

Efficient, Integrated eProcurement



  • Automates existing sales order management
  • Electronic change order/adjustment notification
  • Traceable order history through audit trail
  • Adoddle eProcurement features automatic invoice creation from purchase order data
  • Catalogue content publishing capabilities
  • Option to use Asite Supply or existing IT systems
Change orders

Build your own applications to run on the Adoddle graphical development environment.
Build, test, and deploy custom applications.
End users can now create web applications.
Connect data sources seamlessly.

Or use pre-built apps

NEC Contract Manager, Time and Expenses Project Cost, Contract Change, Contract Lifecycle Modelling, BIM Execution Protocols, BIM Capabilities Assessment, Health, Safety, & Environmental Assessment, Defects, Project Risk and Opportunity Knowledge Management and more...

Plugins for seamless integration.


Capture all your site quantities with ease.

Generate inventory requisitions and site payments.

Earned Value & Spend Analysis

Track spend with your supply chain using either simple data capture forms or through an automatic integration with Adoddle Procurement.

Generate spend analysis reports.

Track rebate calculations against your preferred manufacturer and supplier agreements.


Integrations & Reporting

Easily build custom reports on any information captured in Adoddle and create custom dashboards, with scheduled reports.

Integrations & Reporting


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