Discover Asite for Architects - a secure digital solution to maintain, share and present information to clients across RIBA stages 1 to 4. Featuring tools for document management, collaborative 3D models and email synchronization.


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Your go-to solution for streamlined project visibility with stakeholders across RIBA stages 1 to 4. Store, share, and present design data effortlessly in various formats with unlimited users, eliminating cost and time barriers associated with other methods of information management.



RIBA Stages 1-4



Document Management

Users can easily upload, manage, track, and share client information in a central area. Additional features like 2D/3D mark-up, automatic revisioning, and audit history facilitate seamless communication between architects and clients.


Collaborative BIM (cBIM)

Architects can collaborate and view 3D models in a cloud-based environment. Users can view, search and collaborate on objects in individual and federated models, supporting over 50 native formats in Asite's BIM-compliant storage.


aMail - Email Management

aMail allows users to effortlessly sync emails and attachments into Asite, ensuring project information accessibility to all stakeholders. Users can create rules for direct syncing, establishing a single source of truth, increasing productivity and reducing errors.

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Elevate Your Projects with Cloud-Based BIM Capabilities
cBIM seamlessly integrates with Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, and IFC, allowing easy transfer of BIM models and data. Users can view and collaborate on models online without native software. Advanced viewing modes enable 3D visualization, clash detection, and measurements, enhancing coordination and decision-making.
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Boost Project Visibilty and Collaboration
Architects can gain access to submittal forms for consistent presentation to clients and captures information through the Request for Information (RFI) form for formal communication. The dashboard offers a color-coded overview of tasks, form status and project location, enhancing efficiency and reducing search time for files by providing ease of access.
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Automate Processes with Powerful Workflows
Automate and streamline your processes, eliminating time-consuming manual steps for project teams when submitting deliverables to the CDE. Our visual workflow engine automatically triggers follow-up actions and tasks, while project administrators can assign actions to track progress, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing transparency.

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Streamline Your Projects with Asite for Architects


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Asite Appointed for The North London Heat and Power Project

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Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, with over 86 million passengers on over 370,000 planes travelling through the airport in 2019.

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