Building Resilience: Rethinking our approach to construction

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Of all the industries, construction continues to have the most significant impact globally; even beyond the built environment, its reach spans the economy, technology, the environment, and our individual lives. With so many layers and such magnitude, transformation and responsiveness can often be slow. So, in light of the current climate, how does the industry come together to respond and build continued resilience?

Technology will, of course, play a huge role in this. The introduction of new technologies and tools has undoubtedly altered the nature of projects we are seeing and how these projects are approached. And, with the global spread of COVID-19 and the developing economic fallout, there is a good chance that the answer to mitigating the impact of the virus and supporting business continuity will lie here. 

Digital engineering and a drive to build better were perceptible across all of our regions of interest, and this report seeks to demonstrate that the industry already has the tools to ensure its resilience. The construction sector already has a culture of modeling and analyzing data, and these skills are transferable. Furthermore, the lessons learned from our neighbors and data captured could provide a starting point for establishing a flexible and pragmatic operating model in the coming months.

Ultimately, this report provides a snapshot of the future trends shaping the industry, the opportunities and issues it faces in 2020 and exemplifies the virtues of a regionally engaged and globally responsive approach.

Click HERE or the video below to access the full report. 

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