Asite and SmartViz Announce New Partnership

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The new partnership will give building owners and operators real-time data-driven insights into their assets to make better decisions and reduce costs

London, UK (September 2022) – Asite, the world’s leading data platform for the built environment, is delighted to announce a new partnership with SmartViz, an intuitive digital twin platform that boosts the performance of assets. 

This new partnership will expand operational capabilities available to asset owners. 

It will also enable outcome-driven digital twins through real-time data and occupancy analytics, simulations, and visualizations for asset performance optimization.  

Building on a combined experience of over 40 years, the new Asite and SmartViz partnership will unlock a range of benefits for the AECO industry and open a new world of digital possibilities for the future of work.  


Nathan Doughty, Asite CEO, said:

Nathan Doughty PR

We are incredibly excited about this new partnership with SmartViz and the world of opportunity it opens for us and the built environment as a whole. 

Digital twins are transforming the AECO industry and the world as we know it, ushering in a new and exciting digital era. We are proud to be at the forefront of this technological advancement and reinforce our reputation as one of the industry’s most forward-thinking and innovative service providers.  

The Asite Platform connects our growing ecosystem of partners through standardized interfaces, consolidating our strengths to unlock everything digital twins have to offer.”


Dr. Shrikant B. Sharma, Founder & CEO at SmartViz Ltd, said:

Shrikant B Sharma

This is an exciting moment for SmartViz and our industry. SmartViz’s innovative digital twin application together with Asite Platform can truly empower our clients to boost building performance and user experience. 

It’s just not acceptable that buildings still consume 3.5x more energy and release 3.8x more co2 than they should. This needs to change. For that we need to break data silos, and make it accessible, insightful and empower everyone from the COO and CFO to the estate directors, facilities managers and end users. 

That’s what this partnership delivers by enhancing space utilisation, saving energy and supercharging the productivity and wellbeing of people – all highly relevant issues in light of the climate challenges, net zero goals, and post-covid world adapting to hybrid working.”


The new partnership is a testament to Asite’s promise to support sustainability in the built environment in the move to Net Zero. 

Through this partnership, real-life, real-time digital twins will be created and will be used to make more effective decisions by turning data into insights and outcomes. 

Asset information—CO2, light, humidity, and occupancy levels—can be aggregated from a myriad of IoT sensors and smart building systems, and visualized on an asset model in real-time to determine where energy is being lost within the asset and if space is being used efficiently.  

The partnership provides the tools necessary to build more productive and energy-efficient assets, improving building performance and sustainability while helping reduce costs.  

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About Asite

Asite is the world’s leading data platform for the built environment, helping organizations come together, plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain. 

Founded in 2001, the Asite Platform has been used widely across the globe as the go-to- project management platform for complex, capital projects, including Dubai International Airport, Thames Tideway, and Australia’s Bushfire Recovery Program. 

Today, more than 62,000 organizations, including Laing O’Rourke, Goldman Sachs, Transport for London (TfL), Aldar Properties, and the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), utilize Asite’s cloud-based Data Platform with their 127,000 projects and over 53 million files.   

Asite is headquartered in London with regional offices in New York, Houston, Amsterdam, Riyadh, Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Ahmedabad. 

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About SmartViz

SmartViz delivers digital twin solutions that boost the performance of buildings – and the experience, wellbeing and productivity of the people who use it.  

SmartViz’ intuitive digital twin platform empowers property owners, estate directors and facilities managers using a live, virtual, interactive representation of buildings and how occupants use them, so they can improve space efficiency, reduce operations and energy costs, and enhance user experience.SmartViz is a result of 20 years’ experience in optimising spaces across the UK, US and international projects. The technology saved Vodafone over $40m per annum. It helped seven major UK universities return to normality after Covid-19. It has also empowered myriads of customers in commercial, education, healthcare, retail, sports, rail, aviation and urban planning sectors. 

For further information about SmartViz, please:

- Visit

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- Call Shrikant Sharma on +44-7900-56-58-48. 

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