25-Jan-2005 09:00:00

Asite expands client base into Northern Europe

Posted by Emily Hodges on 25-Jan-2005 09:00:00
Emily Hodges

Ailecon Oy, a leading real estate development consultancy based in Finland, has chosen Asite Solutions Ltd for the supply of collaboration technologies for a major retail project in Helsinki - Jumbo Park. The use of Asite Project Workflow will enable Ailecon Oy and their partners to collaborate throughout all stages of the project, tracking and approving documents and communications online - in a timely and efficient manner.

Ailecon Oy was in search of a project management tool to coordinate this 100-million-euro project. Jumbo Park is a unique development, unmatched by any other retail centre in Finland, and includes Spa facilities, a hotel, fitness club, health care and a 5000-6000 sq-m retail space. Ailecon intends to, subsequently, expand the use of Asite's solution to other projects.

‘Our decision in favour of Asite Project Workflow was due to two factors, basically: time savings and ASP-model platform. This application is intuitive in use and suitable for multiple organisations sharing projects specific information, declared Antti-Juhani Lehti, CEO. ‘After meeting with Asite, we knew this was the right solution for us, so we didn't feel the need to explore other alternatives.'

Asite's Project Workflow will allow Ailecon and its project partners to:

  • Review and approve documents and information online
  • Manage processes and document approval more efficiently
  • Improve control over projects with a centralised overview
  • Comprehensive audit trail of versions and documents

‘We are very happy to work with Ailecon Oy to achieve their targets using our collaboration technology', affirmed Tony Ryan, Asite's Sales Director, ‘this is very exiting for us to be expanding into this area of Europe. This success is a further confirmation of our ability to address customer's needs through our solutions'.