04-Jul-2005 10:00:00

Asite Solutions streamlines VJ Technology's trading process by connecting their Accounting System with buyers

Posted by Emily Hodges on 04-Jul-2005 10:00:00
Emily Hodges

V.J. Technology Ltd (VJT) has integrated its accounting system with the Asite Business Operating System, which allows them to trade electronically with their major customers. This solution optimises and streamlines the whole process of receiving orders and generating invoices in a fully automated environment.

V.J. Technology manufactures and distributes fixings, fastenings, power and hand tools and consumables to the construction and civil engineering industries. The company has in excess of 12,500 SKUs and delivers next day across the UK.

By using Asite services, buyers are able to search VJT's catalogue and place an order that fulfils their requirements by simply logging onto the Asite portal. In turn VJT can then generate and send invoices electronically to the buyer. An audit trail is maintained of the whole process. "By receiving purchase orders and returning invoices electronically, order errors can be reduced and payment expedited through the auto-matching of electronic orders and invoices" stated Tony Ryan, Sales Director, Asite.

The Asite Supply tool has been actively used by V.J. Technology since November 2003, when VJT uploaded its electronic catalogue - which holds real-time product and pricing information - onto Asite's exchange platform and traded with buyers online. The main advantage for buyers of having catalogues available online is that it eliminates the need for them to manage each of their suppliers' catalogues.

However, in order to maximise the benefits VJT wanted to integrate their accounts system with the Asite exchange, enabling the transfer of data directly from the order into VJT's fulfilment and accounting processes. "From our experience of working with Asite, we were confident they could develop a solution to integrate our internal accounting system with the trading process, and that's what happened. Asite provided us with a robust tool that saves us time and simplifies trading with our partners." commented Patrick Ker, Chairman, VJ Technology.

Asite developed and implemented an integration solution to connect buyers' electronic purchasing documents to VJT's order management system - namely Microsoft® Great Plains® - via the Asite Exchange. This allows VJT to receive orders directly into the Great Plains® sales order processing module (which updates the stock inventory module) and output invoices via Asite Exchange back to the Buyers.