20-Jun-2009 11:00:00

Trading Update - Unaudited accounts for the twelve months ended 31 December 2008

Posted by Emily Hodges on 20-Jun-2009 11:00:00
Emily Hodges


  • Gross revenue up 14% to £1.890 m (2007:£1,658 m)
  • Gross profit up 14% to £1,421 m (2007: £1,252 m)
  • Operating costs down by 5% to £1,654 m (2007: £1,739 m)
  • Loss for the period reduced by 55% to £0.233 m (2007: £0.518 m)

 "We have continued to grow revenues by double-digit figures for the year ending 31st December 2008 - this is the eighth consecutive quarter where we have increased growth. Despite the testing times we continue to win new business, most recently securing a 5-year contract with the UK Environment Agency to supply and host our award winning web-based collaborative Software as a Service (cSaaS)."

Tony Ryan, CEO