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Supplier Directory

  • Easily import your private supplier directory into a central location
  • Enable suppliers to maintain their own data collaboratively
  • Classify suppliers by trade category using standard or custom classification schemes
  • Use the powerful search to find suppliers by trade, location and accreditation




  • Create a centralised list of prequalified contractors for your organisation
  • Easily customise prequalification forms to exactly match your business requirements with Adoddle
  • Compare previous prequalification submissions
  • Invite multiple suppliers to prequalify at the same time, visually track progress and generate scoring report
  • Enable supplier sourcing at the project level to easily connect with central procurement functions

Bid Manager

  • Put your packages of work out to bid with Adoddle and comply with public sector bidding regulations or conform to private sector best practice.  

  • Create a bidders list based on approved prequalified contractors, or through supplier searches, or via public notice 

  • Securely invite multiple bidders to an online bid-room and bid document set.

  • Communicate with the bidders to answer questions and notify bidders of clarifications, changes, or addenda

  • Manage bid coverage via bid coverage reports, bid reminder notifications and easy to use interfaces for adding additional bidders

  • Customize the bid response form to specify the exact information your organisation requires

  • Run powerful bid evaluation and scoring reports and award the contract via Adoddle




Spend Management

  • Track spend with your supply chain using either simple data capture forms or through an automatic integration with Adoddle Procurement
  • Generate spend analysis reports
  • Track rebate calculations against your preferred manufacturer and supplier agreements

Supplier Relationship Management

  • Track all of your on-going supplier relationships via Adoddle
  • Load your contracts and trade agreements into a central repository
  • Manage the performance review process collaboratively
  • Receive automated notifcations when contract terms or accreditation validity periods need to be reviewed
  • Hold a full audit trail of your contractual change over time

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