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Canary Wharf Contractors sign a five year enterprise agreement to use Asite

Canary Wharf Contractors (CWC) has replaced its legacy project extranet software with Asite’s collaborative Software as a Service platform. Asite provides Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd with a single integrated data management solution for all aspects of the building process. Canary Wharf staff will use Asite AppBuilder to build applications specific to their business needs and roll them out to their design and construction teams within Asite’s platform.

Asite brings the following competitive advantage to CWC:

  • State-of-the-art cloud-based global data centres
  • Unparalleled compliance with UK, EU, and US governmental security requirements
  • Storing and controlling all documents
  • Mobile Access via Asite cMOB
  • Site Management
  • Submittals
  • Automating key contract administration tasks
  • Offline working and enterprise systems connectors via Asite Navigator
  • Configurable workflow management
  • AppBuilder – building new Applications with no coding experience
  • The ability to easily report across the breadth of the service 

Cormac MacCrann, Executive Director of Canary Wharf Contractors, commented: “I believe that Asite gives us the platform we need to further improve our effectiveness in managing our information systems." 

Tony Ryan, Asite CEO said: “It was clear from the outset of our discussions with CWC that they were seeking a future looking technology, with a pure SaaS model, together with the flexibility to deliver it to their supply chain in their own way. Asite enables each and every member of the supply chain the flexibility to interact with it, in their own way.”


Company Profile

Canary Wharf Contractors is the UK’s foremost exponent of tall building design and construction. Since 1990 CWC has built 14 million square feet of office space across 24 towers, 2 million square feet of infrastructure including five bridges and 6 kilometers of roads, as well as rail stations, retail malls, conference and performance venues, and 30 acres of landscaped parks, squares, roads and promenades in Central London.