Asite Selected as Costain's Preferred Information Management Strategy Solution Provider.


With access to the feature rich Adoddle platform, Asite have streamlined processes, reduced risk and costs by delivering real-time 360’ clarity to all the stakeholders and the entire supply chain on the Hammersmith Flyover Project
Completed in 1961, the Hammersmith flyover carries the four-lane A4 arterial road over the Hammersmith gyratory and links the west to central London.


The Hammersmith flyover, used by 90,000 vehicles a day, closed at the end of 2011 when it was found that salt water leaking into the 1960s' structure had weakened the cables which support the 16 arches.


Strengthening the flyover will prolong its life and mean no major maintenance will be required for many years, ensuring this vital part of the road network can continue serving London for years to come. Work to upgrade the central reservation is now complete, with strengthening to the structure now fully underway. The Hammersmith flyover project is part of the Structures and Tunnels Investment Portfolio (STIP) which is a portfolio by Transport for London (TfL) to ensure that London's road network is well maintained and in good condition for all road users Costain were delighted to have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with Transport for London on this strategically important project, which is a first for Costain’s Highways sector. Costain was tasked with strengthening the remaining structure, and replacing the existing post tensioning strands with a new system. The bridge deck is supported on a single central row of piers comprising 16 spans — eleven at 42.7m long, two at 30.5m, two of 36.6m and one at 22.6m — giving a total length of 626m. The approach ramps at either end increase the total length to 863m.


The works also include replacing the roller bearings on the 15 piers and replacing the abutment bearings, renewing the bridge deck waterproofing, bridge deck drainage and outfalls, replacing expansion joints, renewing the carriageway surfacing and replacing the existing central reservation safety barrier along the length of the structure. The project is complicated by the age and size of the flyover, as well as its strategic importance to London’s transport infrastructure. The existing precast concrete segmental post tensioned flyover was originally opened in 1961 and today more than 90,000 vehicles a day use the busy A4 arterial route over the central Hammersmith gyratory system. Costain collaborates closely with Transport for London and the designers to minimise traffic disruption on this technically challenging project. The project team has been co-located with TfL and collaborate closely with designers Ramboll and also Parson Brinkerhoff in London since April 2013 to collaboratively develop the detailed design and construction methodology prior to commencing on site in late October 2013. The works are expected to be completed by summer 2015, extending the life of this structure for many years to come.


It was agreed by TfL and Costain from the beginning that the Project was going to be operated within a BS1192-2 compliant BIM environment.
Asite, the chosen solution provider as a BIM leading solution catered for federated BIM models. As a federated model solution, designs need to be imported from various design products such as Autodesk Inventor and Revit.


The Native modelling software used on this project is Autodesk Inventor, Asite’s Adoddle Navigator made it possible to have fully synchronised 3D model elements collaborated between the Designers and Costain. Without this the collaboration would have been limited to a ‘Viewing’ model as appose to the native models. The use of BIM allowed progress to be managed within a 3D environment and aided clash detection with federated model amalgamation.


"On the early stages of the project it was identified that we needed a common data environment capable of handling the specific 3D design software, Asite provided, Adoddle Navigator for using the native Inventor files. At the time no other provider would integrate as well with the native software. In addition to this, fully auditable eforms have been developed within Asite which made Asite a one stop shop for our collaboration needs " Ben Earl BIM Coordinator Costain


About Costain


Costain is a leading UK engineering and construction company, which has a portfolio spanning more than 140 years of technical excellence and a vision to be one of the UK’s top solutions providers.


'Engineering Tomorrow' is the Costain strategy aimed at identifying, developing and implementing innovative solutions to meet the UK’s major national infrastructure needs. In recent times, Costain has implemented a number of schemes which will enhance the quality of project delivery, develop the skills and ideas of its people and provide cost-effective solutions, all in support of Engineering Tomorrow. The Engineering Tomorrow strategy relies on sharing knowledge and applying best practice across the Costain Group. Costain places high priority on innovation and this can clearly be seen in the Company’s technological and organisational initiatives in addition to skills-based training and the determination to be more socially responsible, at all times, to the needs of Costain stakeholders.


Formed in 2001, Asite helps people share information and build knowledge in a secure environment in the cloud. Every day, people all over the world use Asite to manage their projects and supply chains collaboratively to get the information they need – when and where they need it. As 2014 is now “the year of Adoddle” the Asite team officially launched Adoddle on March 17th in Tech City’s Shoreditch Town Hall. Asite are set to change the face of Collaborative Software in the Cloud; with 360° clarity, drag & drop simplicity Adoddle users are no more than few clicks away from their data.


Asite offer hosted applications and solutions designed for the construction and infrastructure industries enabling clients to build better, safer, and more cost-effective buildings and assets. With more than 200,000 active users daily, Asite are market leaders and educators in collaborative working, assisting property owners and the AEC and infrastructure supply chains to achieve collaborative working.
Adoddle, Asite's Collaborative platform is a mature and full-featured content management system which is designed to handle a wide range of content from intelligent forms to multimedia supplier catalogues running into the millions of line items, video, complex BIM and product models, and files of all types. Adoddle allows you to store all of your content in one central, secure repository and enables customers to fully customize the structure of their content with highly controlled access.



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Patrick Yung

Director, Arup Advisory Services

"Implementing Asite empowered our project management process through a custom-made and user-friendly digital platform. Apart from document management, Asite enhanced the work process in design, approval and construction management. By managing such a diverse and complex hospital project, Asite provided a traceable and secure environment for all project records. We highly recommend!"

Chris Hinton MA FCCA

Technology and Innovation Lead, University of Cambridge

"Asite have shown clear strength in the maturity and depth of capabilities of its system, particularly in the capital delivery aspects. Adoddle is providing our project teams with the capabilities to manage the coordination and dissemination of models, data, files and documentation to clear and industry recognised standards. Embedded and configurable workflow tools are supporting the management of key commercial processes and information exchange gateways. Asite continue to demonstrate a commitment to working with the University and our partners in helping us achieve higher levels of information maturity to match our vision."

Carrie Matthews

Head of Information Management and Application Support, Tideway

"Thames Tideway has been working with Asite for 4 years. In that time it has been a very effective and indispensable relationship. Asite’s Adoddle BIM solution has allowed us to work collaboratively with our main works contractors in an efficient and productive manner. On such a large and high profile project with multiple contractors, the ability to view real time dashboards of upcoming, completed and overdue tasks, assign actions and view deadlines is invaluable. The Professional Services Team has provided exceptional support to ensure the smooth running of the system, preventing any major issues."

Dwight Wilson

Digital Engineering Lead, Imtech Engineering Services London and South

"Asite provides a single point of access, validation and quality assurance of project information across our business. The mobile-first approach, smart forms and easy to use interface has transformed the way we collaborate with our supply chain on projects."

Daniel Pearce

Senior Document Controller, Westfield

"Asite covers all the Tender, Design and Construction modules; all on one impressive system, whether you’re in the office or out on site; Asite has the information, processes, and tools you require for any successful project delivery."

Vikramaaditya Radhu

General Manager, Wave Infratech

"Wave Infratech started utilizing Asite in 2016 and have successfully implemented 40 projects with Asite Adoddle. The enterprise partnership enabled us to bring all project participants on Asite, a Common Data Environment (CDE) without excluding anyone to keep the cost down.

We are using Adoddle’s Document Manager, Custom Forms, Workflows and Field Defect Manager to practice efficient information management and better collaboration amongst project participants. We can rest assured that all our projects run smoothly and are getting delivered on time.

Since implementing Adoddle and working closely with the Asite’s Professional Services team, we have seen a huge improvement and we now have a high level of traceability of decisions and agreements made throughout the project.

Adoddle’s streamlined processes, daily progress report custom form, and custom reports have had a major positive impact in capturing planned vs actual progress on site on a daily basis. Implementing Asite’s Adoddle has largely contributed to the success of our business and helped us continue to be the leading players in the real estate sector."

Sarah Blackwell

Business Support Director, PCE Ltd.

"Asite is a great tool that provides ‘one stop shop’, cloud-based management for all our projects. Like all software, there can be some glitches when you are adapting it to suit you and you have to be prepared to put some effort in to get the best out of it, however exploring the scope of what Asite has to offer and working with their support team to utilise it to its full potential definitely pays dividends for our business."

Sujatha Naren

Head of Operational Process, Synergy

We would like to thank Asite Solutions for their excellent support and professionalism during the implementation of Adoddle by Asite Solutions for Synergy projects. Synergy team appreciated:

  • The product Adoddle by Asite Solutions has been a good fit for our project management needs within Synergy.
  • Excellent support and customization by Asite, paying attention to all details during launch and implementation phase.
  • Post Implementation training and 24*7 support by Asite team made using Adoddle smooth and easy.

We congratulate Asite for their industry best product and implementation performance. we are looking forward for further improvement for our mutual co-operation and success.

Ash Bailey

SF Development Officer, Stoke on Trent City Council

"By using Adoddle across our programme, our teams were able to work collaboratively, which helped us to reduce error and risk, make time and costs savings and deliver more value. I would highly recommend the use of Adoddle for mission-critical corporate collaboration."