hitchhiker's guide to the BIM Level 2 Galaxy

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There has been much talk recently about BIM Level 2 and Common Data Environments (CDE) such as Satellite CDE’s, Constellation CDE’s and other variations of CDE.  At Asite we believe in and enable one CDE, with all the functionality that users are attempting to create using these variations.


The Adoddle CDE leverages the Adoddle Model Server (cBIM) and the Appbuilder engine to deliver powerful functionality for the entire project team down to each and every individual user. All of your models are federated, instead of existing as files in different folders and projects. Even though ownership of component models remain with the originators, everyone has a clear view of the merged model within cBIM.


The Adoddle Platform also:


  • Supports ACL so that the owners can update their own models and data is made available to other collaborators at the right time.
  • Supports cross model querying so everyone can see where objects are being used and where they could be used more effectively
  • Supports versioning so that everyone is working off the latest version
  • Supports accurate audit trails so that every user inter-action is tracked & reported on
  • Is flexible enough to allow people to work the way they want, whilst supporting rules that can also ensure all parties will follow agreed naming conventions


An example of a typical implementation (which can be customised to suit an organisation’s BIM strategy and working practices):


  • Clients, Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers are able to upload their documents and models within the Adoddle CDE with Work in Progress (WIP) statuses as per Employer Information Requirements (EIR)
  • Data that has a WIP status in the CDE is private until you need to Share It. The Client or Client representative reviews the data and assigns a "Published" Status.
  • Shared data is made available to the rest of the team for review, consumption and knowledge.
  • Post Construction, the data is available for Facilities Management on the Adoddle platform.


All of the above is achieved via collaborative working practices backed by accurate auditability on the Adoddle platform. A feat which just cannot be achieved if models are hidden away inside organisation’s firewall (real or virtual). 


Adoddle cBIM™ is  BIM Level 2, enabling you to:


  • Selectively share your project model or individual BIM work-sets with project partners
  • Maintain a clear audit trail by tracking version control and updates to the model
  • Merge multiple model files and work-sets from different project partners and different design tools into one central model
  • View the differences between model file revisions
  • Collaboratively review and mark-up model files in the integrated 3D viewer
  • Associate views, schedules, and mark-ups with workflows and track actions across your team
  • Integrate document control and construction management with your BIM coordination process
  • Automatically generate reports such as Bills of Quantities (BOQ) from the model on a scheduled basis
  • Ability to Check files in & out so that they are readable but un-editable by other users whilst being worked upon
  • Ability to work offline with Adoddle’s Navigator App


Please see Asite’s article on one of our BIM Level 2 enabled projects: https://wwwqa3.asite.com/news/asite-announce-five-year-agreement-with-quintain-for-collaborative-bim-in-the-cloud-for-wembley-project

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