Posted by Tony Ryan on 22-05-2019
Tony Ryan

Bring Construction back to what we know.

The basics of construction is that somebody wants something built and somebody knows how to build it. Then you throw cash in to the equation and you end up with a negotiation around a project and delivery plan - with an agreed outcome at an agreed price and an agreed delivery date. Now we are all too aware of variations to that price tag - things happen right?

How do we handle the “things happen” variation component? Answer: Technology, because after all, we are all only human. That’s why we invented the abacus and the hammer - both technology - Calculation and persuasion, personified.


Taking peoples ideas and delivering an outcome requires “integral thinking”, “planning” and “delivering” the finished product.

This requires people, product, passion and common sense - the common sense being helped by technology.

Let’s make technology work better for us, for common sense and the common data environment.

.. we’ve been telling technology to do things better for us since we invented the wheel - why do we still fight it, almost try to ignore IT -Let’s Get to IT

We wouldn’t try to dig a hole without a shovel or drive a screw without its driver - so let the Integrated Delivery Plan concept drive our future Built Environment for a better outcome.

Offline project plans hide the true reality of the big picture. A truly Integrated Delivery Plan requires real time interaction, which is reflective of the requirements and the progress for all parties involved.

Imagine a concept of someone saying they want something delivered and someone else says “I have a plan” and together “Integrated”, we will deliver IT - Magic? No - ITs Adoddle

What do we want to do, how do we want to do IT?

Progress is clear, from concept to completion


Integrated, we will deliver IT. Magic? No - ITs Adoddle


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