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I read somewhere recently about CDE constellations and satellite CDE thinking.....well, I nearly fell off my cloud in disbelief!! The whole idea around CDE is that it is common and available for each and EVERY individual member of the supply chain. Once a model is constructed well and is housed in a pure collaborative Cloud Model Server (cCMS) like Adoddle then it is available to the entire family.


Selfish BIM is not the way forward, it is the way backwards. By having a centrally hosted CMS with the ability for each family member to check in and check out the smallest object within it, is KEY. And this is not the way forward, IT is the here and now.


Here at Asite, we have been doing this for years and now have over 141,000 models in our cCMS - IT's Federated.


At the end of the day (or project) the model belongs to the client as does the asset - and is craved by the FM folk - let's not think selfish and keep collaborating in one common place - CDE not Silo Data Environments (SDE)

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