Posted by Tom Coleing on 21-04-2020
Tom Coleing

How AI Will Change the Way You Work in Architecture, Engineering and Construction


AI may give you a promotion

With a shortage of highly skilled workers in the US, AI and augmented reality will enable workers to perform more complex tasks. New recruits will receive accelerated augmented reality training and senior workers will see sophisticated cost, safety and design analysis.


Robots will enhance, not eliminate jobs

Architects, quantity surveyors or construction managers are low on the list of professions likely to be replaced by machines, compiled by scientists from Oxford University.


Dangers will be identified automatically

Through facial and object recognition, AI will ensure everyone has the required training and safety equipment. Qualifications will be mapped to tools, machines and tasks in real time. Instant alerts will avoid dangerous actions and mistakes.


You will talk more and type less

Expect to have your hands and eyes free as you walk around sites, take notes, send messages and search for files much more quickly using your voice.


Deep learning will change everything

By analysing data and activity, AI will suggest adjustments to everything from teams and building designs to financials and procurement. Just as AI (from major retailer) predicted pregnancy based on subtle changes in purchase habits, construction AI will enable super-human project planning. High risk subcontractors will be identified based on real-time data and past performance. Look out for AI enhancements to Adoddle's process automation, procurement analytics and risk management.


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