There is a new movement taking shape:

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Major global organisations are recognising the fact that the Cloud is here and that it is here to stay.  We are involved in the next wave of technology, through the evolution of SaaS and Cloud based solutions.  Users now wish to interact with their data through their chosen device from anywhere they happen to find themselves at any time, night or day.  They do not want to be tied to their corporate information by cables and a desktop, with various time constraints, hampering innovation.  Corporations find it difficult to keep up with the plethora of apps and devices that just keep coming and will continue to do so - as it's not their core business.  It's easier and safer to put this in the experienced and secure hands of the SaaS/Cloud provider - as IT IS core to their business.

Evolution has brought us full back circle to supplier networks since the bubble burst back in 2000.  Asite has not wavered in its belief of the "Extended Enterprise", effectively it's supplier network.  We have been busy behind the scenes delivering these capabilities to some of the worlds largest companies and our experience tells us that we are creating this new wave.  We have created a unique offering around our one-one-many approach.  We connect you once and we look after the many, and the on-boarding of the many on your behalf.  Oh, by the way, the many keep changing and you do not want to be dealing with that.  We deliver to each and every user in the supply chain and we call this B2U, in whatever format or media they require it on.

We have seen many others try to break into this space unsuccessfully and a lot of the MBA "have a go brigade", have gone B2B and B2C (back to banking and back to consulting), we can now concentrate on the task at hand, mass adoption of corporate proof Collaborative Cloud Solutions for a fraction of the cost of traditional models - giving each and every user in the supply chain real benefit.

Be part of this new movement - and be part of the successful businesses of the future.


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