To BIM or not to BIM - that was the question

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It is exactly seven days since we released the latest version of our platform "Summer 09", which if you haven't noticed is our most innovative yet with a huge shift towards YOU the User and how you interact with your data. If you have not logged in and checked it out yet - go on, whats keeping you? If you have, I hope you enjoy the new look and feel and are already getting the benefits from it. 

We have had some posts on our new forums which we hope will get a lot busier when more of us get involved. This will help develop the service with your input - be part of IT. 

I finished the week at the RIBA headquarters in London for the BIM conferenceorganised by BSRIA and RIBA in partnership with buildingSMART. It was a great event with a lot of interesting BIM insights. BIM or no BIM, Big BIM Little BIM - hands knees and BIM's-a-daisy. The general point I took away from the day was that there are a growing number of businesses getting into BIM but not so many using it in conjunction with Collaboration. I sat on a round-table discussion which drew out some great questions from the audience where I made my point for collaborative Building Information Models (cBIM)

In this current economic climate we really should be using the downtime to upskill and your focus should be on cutting out re-work. This can be best achieved by modelling in 3&4D and better yet getting to full cBIM. Clients are going to bring more demand for it and the winners will be the ones who got innovative and got involved. 

Good luck. 



Following on from Tony’s blog, we’d love to know how all of you are currently using BIM.  We’ve set up a poll in the forums here.  Please take part in the poll and share your BIM experiences with the community.

Posted by Paul Markovits  on  14/07  at  01:28 PM

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