Mace set to cut 20% off their purchasing costs using Asite

Mace, one of the leading and most innovative project and construction management companies committed to exploiting the benefits of e-commerce, have realised savings of 20% on transaction costs through the use of Asite by streamlining and automating business processes.


The challenge

Best known for providing construction management services, Mace is developing a service whereby they can deliver a solution for serial procurers of buildings at a fixed price. As they are taking on more project risk and working closely with selected members of their supply chain more intensively, Mace wanted to trial an e-procurement scheme to both reduce its transaction costs and to obtain better control of the purchases made by its head-office and UK project offices. Asite's e-procurement solution was implemented to streamline the repeat purchase process and make critical savings for Mace and their suppliers.


The challenge for Asite was to review the systems and processes of six suppliers involved in the delivery of indirect goods and provide an e-procurement solution enabling staff at Mace headquarters or from any of Mace's project offices to order any of the suppliers' products electronically rather than rely on the phone, post or fax. The trial was successfully completed and Mace considered extending Asite's use throughout its business.


The Solution

Asite allows Mace to make the transition to e-purchasing without having to invest a penny in new IT equipment. All that is needed is a PC with an internet connection and the right authorisation codes for Asite's security checks. Asite worked with Mace to configure the purchasing authority given to different users of the system to reflect internal hierarchies. In this way, purchasing can be controlled by product and level of expenditure, defining who can buy what within the company and who it should be authorised by.


Around 70 of the Mace staff were trained to use Asite - from procurement managers to admin staff, as well as staff from the six suppliers. To make a purchase is very simple, Mace employees log-on to Asite, where the bespoke Mace catalogue is hosted, and use the Asite eProcurement. They then select products from hosted suppliers' catalogues that have been created specifically for Mace, showing only pre-negotiated prices. Next, they raise purchase orders, which can be accessed by their suppliers, again through Asite.


When suppliers receive an order, they can check availability, send instant confirmation back to Mace and inform them of delivery schedules. Invoicing and payment is also done electronically. Mace can also use Asite to send suppliers orders by fax in the event that this is needed.


The benefits

Mace saved approximately 20% of transaction costs on items produced online. Contributing to the cost savings, Ian Eggers from Mace reports that the number of queries and delays to orders has reduced; accuracy has increased and reconciliation of invoices to purchase orders, and orders to deliveries, is now streamlined. There is also far greater transparency in the buying process. Using Asite enables Mace to access and gather vital management information from all their purchases across the organisation by product and supplier.


The practice of ad-hoc buying from non-approved suppliers is eradicated, eliminating the risk of inappropriate goods being ordered. This allows the organisation to negotiate advantageous prices with a limited number of preferred suppliers. Mace is able to submit all its reimbursable preliminaries promptly to its client without the risk of stray invoices from suppliers turning up weeks or months later.


Ian Eggers says staff have adapted rapidly to e-purchasing: "Now you walk around the office and see Asite on people's screens. We didn't have to invest in new hardware or software. You don't even need to be in a Mace office to use the system, you plug your laptop in, log onto Asite and away you go."


Company profile

Mace is a professional management company that works predominantly in the property and construction sector. Its business is the management and delivery of the development, design and construction process from project inception to post completion aftercare.


Mace has formal and informal partnering arrangements with a number of clients, trade contractors and suppliers. These arrangements vary in scope, but are principally based upon the ability of the supply chain to deliver continuous improvements – to deliver projects faster, at a lower cost, to a higher quality and more safely.


"I thought it would take a lot longer to take off, but its already starting to happen." Ian Eggers, Director at Mace.


"There used to be paper everywhere, now you walk around the office and see Asite on people's screens." Ian Eggers, Director at Mace.



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Patrick Yung

Director, Arup Advisory Services

"Implementing Asite empowered our project management process through a custom-made and user-friendly digital platform. Apart from document management, Asite enhanced the work process in design, approval and construction management. By managing such a diverse and complex hospital project, Asite provided a traceable and secure environment for all project records. We highly recommend!"

Chris Hinton MA FCCA

Technology and Innovation Lead, University of Cambridge

"Asite have shown clear strength in the maturity and depth of capabilities of its system, particularly in the capital delivery aspects. Adoddle is providing our project teams with the capabilities to manage the coordination and dissemination of models, data, files and documentation to clear and industry recognised standards. Embedded and configurable workflow tools are supporting the management of key commercial processes and information exchange gateways. Asite continue to demonstrate a commitment to working with the University and our partners in helping us achieve higher levels of information maturity to match our vision."

Carrie Matthews

Head of Information Management and Application Support, Tideway

"Thames Tideway has been working with Asite for 4 years. In that time it has been a very effective and indispensable relationship. Asite’s Adoddle BIM solution has allowed us to work collaboratively with our main works contractors in an efficient and productive manner. On such a large and high profile project with multiple contractors, the ability to view real time dashboards of upcoming, completed and overdue tasks, assign actions and view deadlines is invaluable. The Professional Services Team has provided exceptional support to ensure the smooth running of the system, preventing any major issues."

Dwight Wilson

Digital Engineering Lead, Imtech Engineering Services London and South

"Asite provides a single point of access, validation and quality assurance of project information across our business. The mobile-first approach, smart forms and easy to use interface has transformed the way we collaborate with our supply chain on projects."

Daniel Pearce

Senior Document Controller, Westfield

"Asite covers all the Tender, Design and Construction modules; all on one impressive system, whether you’re in the office or out on site; Asite has the information, processes, and tools you require for any successful project delivery."

Vikramaaditya Radhu

General Manager, Wave Infratech

"Wave Infratech started utilizing Asite in 2016 and have successfully implemented 40 projects with Asite Adoddle. The enterprise partnership enabled us to bring all project participants on Asite, a Common Data Environment (CDE) without excluding anyone to keep the cost down.

We are using Adoddle’s Document Manager, Custom Forms, Workflows and Field Defect Manager to practice efficient information management and better collaboration amongst project participants. We can rest assured that all our projects run smoothly and are getting delivered on time.

Since implementing Adoddle and working closely with the Asite’s Professional Services team, we have seen a huge improvement and we now have a high level of traceability of decisions and agreements made throughout the project.

Adoddle’s streamlined processes, daily progress report custom form, and custom reports have had a major positive impact in capturing planned vs actual progress on site on a daily basis. Implementing Asite’s Adoddle has largely contributed to the success of our business and helped us continue to be the leading players in the real estate sector."

Sarah Blackwell

Business Support Director, PCE Ltd.

"Asite is a great tool that provides ‘one stop shop’, cloud-based management for all our projects. Like all software, there can be some glitches when you are adapting it to suit you and you have to be prepared to put some effort in to get the best out of it, however exploring the scope of what Asite has to offer and working with their support team to utilise it to its full potential definitely pays dividends for our business."

Sujatha Naren

Head of Operational Process, Synergy

We would like to thank Asite Solutions for their excellent support and professionalism during the implementation of Adoddle by Asite Solutions for Synergy projects. Synergy team appreciated:

  • The product Adoddle by Asite Solutions has been a good fit for our project management needs within Synergy.
  • Excellent support and customization by Asite, paying attention to all details during launch and implementation phase.
  • Post Implementation training and 24*7 support by Asite team made using Adoddle smooth and easy.

We congratulate Asite for their industry best product and implementation performance. we are looking forward for further improvement for our mutual co-operation and success.

Ash Bailey

SF Development Officer, Stoke on Trent City Council

"By using Adoddle across our programme, our teams were able to work collaboratively, which helped us to reduce error and risk, make time and costs savings and deliver more value. I would highly recommend the use of Adoddle for mission-critical corporate collaboration."