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Founded in 1974, Redrow Homes is a leading British homebuilder and construction company. Since its establishment over 40 years ago, the company has earned a reputation for not only delivering a quality and superior product but also its sustainable and community-focused approach to development.

A FTSE 250 company currently listed on the London Stock Exchange, Redrow Homes is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to embracing new technologies to support efficient and cost-effective design and construction. With over 100,000 homes under its belt, the company is able to claim over £2 billion invested into community infrastructure over the course of its history.


Redrow Homes - Outcome 1

Over 1000  

homes delivered

Redrow Homes - Outcome 2

Over £2b

invested in
community infrastructure 

Redrow Homes - Outcome 3


homes delivered a year

Underpinning Redrow Homes’ sustainable business strategy is the concept of “creating thriving communities by building responsibly to help people.” The company is responsible for a multitude of projects across the UK, including the development of Colindale Gardens Residential Estate in North-West London, Wandle Riverside Redevelopment in South London, Chiswick Apartments in South West London, and many others. To support the delivery of these builds in the company’s South East Division, Redrow Homes adopted Asite’s powerful and customizable cloud-based platform.

Redrow Homes worked with Asite to develop bespoke applications to support cross-pollination between the company’s in-house IT applications and the information stored on the Asite platform. Asite’s CDE was used across all of Redrow Homes’ developments to provide a centralized repository where all project information could be stored, tracked, reviewed and made accessible to stakeholders. The implementation allowed for better, more streamlined collaboration across the company’s 16 UK offices and 2000+ staff members as well as any external partners. 


In a bid to support more responsible procurement, Asite’s Supply Chain Management solution was deployed as Redrow previously had no way of meaningfully engaging with or reporting on its procurement processes. The solution facilitated the management of tenders and contracts at the procurement stage as well as throughout the project. Furthermore, it ensured that all Redrow suppliers and contractors applied the company’s sustainable procurement principles to their sourcing activity.  


Redrow Homes’ England and Wales divisions build over 5,000 quality homes a year while maintaining a commitment to leaving a positive environmental legacy. In 2018, Redrow was the first UK housebuilder to achieve the ‘Three Tress’ status from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for its commitment to eradicating illegal wood products from its supply chain and its sustainable procurement policies.

The adoption of Asite’s platform significantly improved the efficiency of the company’s internal processes and supply chain, and continues to contribute to establishing Redrow Homes as a leading homebuilder in the UK.


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