BIM and BIG Data - Piecing it all together with Asite's Adoddle, a single platform for all documents

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In the beginning, information on a project is relatively easy to manage. As that project grows and more teams are brought in, that information becomes far more complex. Most organizations have their own systems in place, creating yet another challenge - silos of information, stored behind firewalls and on servers that make transparency and productive collaboration difficult at best. We call this Selfish BIM - Email, FTP, Voicemail, Paper, My BIM, your BIM and her BIM; it perpetuates chaos.


Adoddle cBIM turns this chaos into calm with a Common Data Environment (CDE). Providing a single, common platform for all documents (contracts, RFI's, correspondence, reports), decisions (change approvals, variations, email) and data (drawings, BIM) to be stored and exchanged. Supporting over 300 file types (2D & 3D) with our built in online viewer and mark-up tools; we save you time, money and resources though the use of technology that encourages teams to collaborate better and more effectively.


When data is managed it can become information. Information that's derived from all that data can even generate knowledge. In this diagram we've got a project team with five partners. We see two BIM design authoring platforms, a program tool, an ERP package and Microsoft Office. The projects data is derived from all of these sources, contributing to the overall BIM.


Adoddle's cBIM platform provides a single source of truth for seamless collaboration in the cloud. Our job is to provide connectors into an open data store (OPENBIM) where our customers can actually use their own data across the lifecycles of their projects through integration with existing systems, the ability to work on-line or off and device agnostic mobility.


The world is churning out more information than is humanly possible to comprehend. For example, Google receives an average of over 40,000 search inquiries every second; this translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.


YouTube receives 300 hours of new video uploaded every minute of the day.


The data uploaded to Adoddle each minute is equivalent to approximately 68,000 pages of text. Asite users upload 296 megabytes of new data every minute of the day into Adoddle.


Adoddle's cBIM hosts more than 32,000 BIM's in the cloud today.


What happens to all this information and how's it being used? That's the billion dollar question. Data drives marketing, decisions and spending within demographics; to name a few. The amount and rate of data generated every day is increasing exponentially. Information is a blessing if you can access it and decipher it.


Adoddle puts the power in your hands to harness that information and reduce risk, litigation, cost and schedule overruns on your projects. ITs Adoddle.

Amanda Reichert is the business development manager, North America at ASITE, New York, N.Y.

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