Financial Services Institution uses Adoddle FM for Facilities Management

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Leading Financial Services Institution rolls out Adoddle FM for Facilities Management in the Cloud


Building on a successful deployment of Adoddle to manage project information for its on-going capital works programme, this major investment bank has chosen to implement Asite’s Adoddle FM to transform the management of its global property portfolio.


The challenge

With corporate buildings in major cities around the world, the bank accommodates tens of thousands of employees and clients’ needs every day. The focus of their large facilities team is to effectively maintain all of their existing and new buildings to the very highest standard by managing the facilities, attending to upgrades and repairs and by ensuring that the buildings are always energy efficient.


In the facilities maintenance process, multiple teams and external parties need to collaborate and rely on critical building information about the asset portfolio in order to respond to any building maintenance scenario.   This includes details of the facilities, the history of repairs and maintenance, and all supplier and contract particulars.


The bank therefore required a solution that could aggregate all building information into one central repository and optimise the flow of that information to all stakeholders in the facilities management process, wherever they happened to be.  The bank was previously using a tool to store data that did not support collaborative working or optimise the FM process. This resulted in inefficient information silos, which created time delays, ill-informed decision-making and unnecessary costs. Ultimately, this adversely affected the day-to-day operations of the facilities.

As a result, it was critical that the bank deployed a solution that could transform its existing FM operations.


How Adoddle FM helped

Adoddle FM, as a centralised and controlled collaborative cloud service, was able to support all parties in performing to the highest of standards – overachieving against their Key Performance Indicators, whilst enabling the entire process to run across their globally distributed team.


Fully implementing Adoddle to manage the FM processes enabled the bank to benefit from the following:


Asset Management in the Cloud enabled the FM team to maintain their fixed asset register in a central, secure repository and provided the ability for stakeholders to check-in and check-out assets within a managed workflow.


Collaboration and Approvals allowed all multi-step review and approval processes to be built-in to the system so that the collaborative process could follow pre-determined automated paths.


Powerful Search Across all Assets including content search and full support for custom attributes meant that information can be found quickly and easily using the bank’s own internal classification system.


Prequalified Supplier Directory integrated tightly with the bank’s internal Vendor Management System – this enables the bank to source suppliers by trade for packages of FM work directly within the collaborative environment.


Task Tracking helps with assigning actions, tracking deadlines and milestones across projects and provides a real-time dashboard of overdue, upcoming and completed tasks.


AutoCAD Integration helped with auto-packaging of complex compound CAD files – ensuring that the latest designs and plans are always available to the individual on the ground that needs them to support the FM process.


Single-Sign-On and Email Integration are examples of close integration with the bank’s existing internal systems – providing for a seamless interface to the Adoddle collaborative working environment for all bank users.


A Rock-Solid Audit Trail is essential to  providing for full accountability across the supply chain.

Asite’s consultants worked together with the bank’s FM team to develop an initial proof of concept project.  Once tested and best practices were agreed, Adoddle FM was then rolled out onto all of the live and on-going projects. 


Business benefits delivered


Where there were previously information gaps due to paper documents or disconnected information silos, the teams can now access accurate data from a centralised location in real-time.


By integrating and automating key FM processes, delivery has been streamlined. Greater collaboration between internal teams and suppliers has encouraged a community to share best practices and knowledge. This has led to greater efficiency, improved communication and measurable results.


Increased transparency across the bank’s global asset portfolio and a collaborative approach to the Facilities Management workflows has provided the team with a continuous real-time update of progress, helping them to respond flexibly and plan more effectively.

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