Trainyard Tech to Use Asite to Ensure Quality Management Across Projects

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The Asite Platform will streamline and standardize Trainyard Tech’s project management processes to help achieve ISO 9001 certification 

New York, NY (July, 2022)Asite, the world’s leading data platform for the built environment, is delighted to announce that Trainyard Tech, LLC, a leader in railyard process control solutions, has chosen Asite as its construction management platform.

Working on major Class I railroads and short-line railroads, Trainyard Tech uses the latest technology to build modular, redundant, custom solutions to complex process automation. Trainyard Tech’s software ensures the freight and trains are loaded and classified to their correct location, meaning materials get where they need to go in a timely fashion.

Trainyard Tech has chosen Asite to support this work and help the company achieve ISO 9001 certification.

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The growing organization will use the Asite Data Platform—a central repository that provides a single source of information for the project—and Field for Site—Asite’s field management solution—to streamline and standardize its project management processes, putting the correct features in place to achieve the ISO standard.


Dan Lehman, Chief Revenue Officer at Asite, said:


We are delighted to welcome Trainyard Tech to Asite and become their project management software partner.

Trainyard Tech is a vital technology responsible for providing innovative solutions to ensure people, goods, and vehicles get to the right places at the right time. With constant innovation and integration with the latest automation technology, Trainyard Tech has become a leading force in the railroad industry.

Asite’s Platform supports their intricate work to improve, standardize, and streamline processes. As the company continues to grow and expand into new markets and regions, Asite is excited to work alongside this innovative company and help them achieve their goals at every step of their journey."


Paul Johnson, Director of Operations at Trainyard Tech, said:

PWJ Trainyard Tech - Circle

Asite gives us the ability to tie not just project management into it but also have the features required for ISO certification—a goal the company has set.

Trainyard Tech has developed ways to keep our files in order and to keep our projects organized. Asite will help us elevate these processes and create a standardized way to manage and track our projects, keeping our internal teams and clients happy.

It is important to us to stay organized and to ensure that the customer is up-to-date on every portion of the project and the last thing we want to do is make more work for our teams. Asite is a system that will help us organize our project management and keep the version control up-to-date so we are getting the right products, the right plan sets out to our customers."


The Asite Platform provides value to both Trainyard Tech's team and clients through better managing their electronic assets, collecting their electronic data, and providing effective collaboration in a secure environment with usable analytics and audit trail for their version control.

Teams benefit from improved project tracking and version control. With better quality version control, project teams will always have access to the most up-to-date version of a project document, ensuring they are getting the right products and plans to the right customers.

Asite’s two-year contract with Trainyard Tech will see the Asite Data Platform drive improvements to achieve ISO 9001 quality management system certification, increase collaboration, streamline processes, and cut through unnecessary complications.

Asite will work alongside Trainyard Tech to strengthen, streamline, and standardize processes in document management, project workflows, and onsite data collection. This will create a secure repository for data and the ability to generate usable reports and analytics.

Ultimately Asite will help Trainyard Tech achieve project management excellence, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

To find out how your project or organization could benefit from using one of the construction industry’s most secure cloud platforms for building and maintaining assets, please contact or call (212) 201-0730.

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About Trainyard Tech

Trainyard Tech, LLC creates solutions for the unique needs of the railroad industry. They integrate the latest automation technology, already proven in many other industry applications and configure existing or new devices into a totally flexible and open Process Control System. Utilizing Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products as building blocks, they partner with railroad clients to build a specialized response to their needs, whether they are large or small. For more information about Trainyard Tech, visit

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