cBIM - Managing BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) issues for BIM models

Posted by Denis Antony on Sep 19, 2021 6:21:58 AM

cBIM - Managing BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) issues for BIM models

As long-term advocates for Open BIM Standards, Asite has enhanced its Collaborative BIM (cBIM) solution with support for Building Collaboration Format (BCF). The new model issue management solution will improve communication and increase collaboration beyond the traditional file-based BIM workflow, enabling better decision making.

The model issue functionality gives users of Asite cBIM a more efficient way to communicate design issues for topics, such as issues, clash, design, risk and safety requests, to be addressed within the BIM model.

The BCF file format is a vendor neutral solution for collaborative design, construction and operation information exchange. All issues can be easily tracked with their statuses. This removes the need to manually locate an issue, using only a description or screenshot, thus speeding up communication between project teams.

Feature Overview

What is BIM Collaboration Format (BCF)?

BCF is simply a file that contains the comments created around IFC models. It allows BIM authoring and coordination applications to communicate model-based issues with each other by leveraging IFC models that have been previously shared among project collaborators. BCF is a buildingSMART International openBIM standard which, like IFC and the Data Dictionary (bSDD), is open for all to use.


How is it used?

Design phase
  • Document quality assurance/quality checking (QA/QC) items of BIMs
  • Identify design coordination (aka clash detection) issues between domain BIMs
  • Annotate design options, object substitutions, and material selections
Procurement phase
  • Bid on coordination items and clarifications
  • Provide cost and supplier information for objects, assemblies, and/or systems
Construction phase
  • Document quality assurance/quality checking (QA/QC) records of installations vs. BIMs
  • Track availability of items/materials and coordinating substitutions
  • Collect last-minute information for handover to owner/operator as part of the COBie deliverables
Operations phase
  • Add notations to handover models as changes are made to the facility and its many elements during occupation
  • Provide owners with notes on necessary upgrades


BCF Support in Asite
  • Supports the creation of BCF Issues around IFC files in Asite.
  • Organizes and manages BCF issues with statuses and priorities.
  • Supports automated workflows for BCF Issues.
  • Supports BCF export.



If you have further questions, please email CustomerSuccess@asite.com

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cBIM: Tracking modifications in a 3D Revit file has never been easier.

Posted by Denis Antony on Jan 9, 2021 7:07:07 AM

Asite CDE: cBIM Updates

cBIM: Comparison for Revit files.

Asite has upgraded its Digital Engineering tool to enable Designers, project managers, and engineers to use the version compare tool and highlight the differences between two Revit file versions.

Here is a quick overview of the new feature:

Revit file compare

    • Using the compare tool improves the understanding of the design changes between versions of a Revit file but also provides online visualization of the file content without need of native revit software.
    • Use the tool to understand what was added, removed or modified and even dig into the details of different versions to understand the changes better.
    • To start using the compare tool, simply choose a Revit file that has multiple versions and select the “Compare” drop-down list in the online Asite 3D viewer, select the two versions to compare and then click the “Run” button. Wait for a few seconds for both models to be loaded and their data to be compared with differences of added, removed, modified.
    • The RAG color palette will indicate the number of any additions, removals or / and modifications. And selecting an item in the change list will highlight that object in the model view.
    • The Revit objects can be added to the Objects list function within List Builder. Use this objects list to create new form (RFI / Variation / Issue / Defect) and initiate colloration with team members.

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cBIM: New tool to assign colors on 3D BIM Objects

Posted by Denis Antony on Jan 9, 2021 7:01:16 AM

Asite CDE: cBIM Updates

cBIM: New tool to assign colors on 3D BIM Objects

Asite has upgraded its cBIM tool that will allow designers to assign custom colors to individual or multiple 3D BIM objects. This will help view and track their 3D BIM objects more efficiently.

Here is a quick overview of the new feature:

Assign colors on 3D BIM Objects

    • Preview of 3D Model with custom colors assigned to 3D BIM objects. User can edit and remove the assigned colors. User can also hide the assigned colors from preview.

    • Assign custom colors to individual BIM object using the right-click function.

    • Add items to the Object library and bulk assign custom colors.

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Asite 21

Posted by Denis Antony on Aug 28, 2020 11:00:00 PM


Asite is excited to introduce some of the new features of our Asite 21 release. This updated version represents an enhancement of our international-scale Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

At Asite, we value our customers greatly, and our number one priority is to support your business and enable collaborative working across your projects.

To this end, we continue to deliver on our vision to connect people and help the world build better.

We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements!

Here is a quick overview of the new features:

Asite Platform - Business Analytics (embedded)

Fast and easy access to project data
  • Users now have access to a range of Microsoft Power BI reports to provide additional insights on their project portfolio, including reports on CDE, defects, financials and health & safety.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

Collaborative BIM (cBIM) tool has been further upgraded:
  • View 3D Point Clouds in both .PTX and .PTS formats, and enrich your Digital Twin.
  • Smarter interface with easy navigation.
  • Optimized viewing of 3D federated models and object details.
  • Group objects by type in the model tree.
  • Area measurement tool support added.

Adoddle Field for Site

Offline working enhanced:
  • Adoddle Field for Site now enables project teams working on remote sites to view 2D files and create mark-ups and comments in offline mode using the Asite viewer, without the need of a native application. Users can then sync all information back to the cloud when online.

For detailed information about this release, please click the button below. 

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