Asite CDE: cBIM Updates

cBIM: Comparison for Revit files.

Asite has upgraded its Digital Engineering tool to enable Designers, project managers, and engineers to use the version compare tool and highlight the differences between two Revit file versions.

Here is a quick overview of the new feature:

Revit file compare

    • Using the compare tool improves the understanding of the design changes between versions of a Revit file but also provides online visualization of the file content without need of native revit software.
    • Use the tool to understand what was added, removed or modified and even dig into the details of different versions to understand the changes better.
    • To start using the compare tool, simply choose a Revit file that has multiple versions and select the “Compare” drop-down list in the online Asite 3D viewer, select the two versions to compare and then click the “Run” button. Wait for a few seconds for both models to be loaded and their data to be compared with differences of added, removed, modified.
    • The RAG color palette will indicate the number of any additions, removals or / and modifications. And selecting an item in the change list will highlight that object in the model view.
    • The Revit objects can be added to the Objects list function within List Builder. Use this objects list to create new form (RFI / Variation / Issue / Defect) and initiate colloration with team members.

Posted by Denis Antony on 09 Jan 2021
Denis Antony

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