Asite CDE: Visual Workflow Updates

Visual Workflow upgrade - New function to manually push documents to a specific workflow.

Asite has updated its robust Visual Workflow tool to allow Project Administrators manually push an existing document revision to a specific workflow.

Here is a quick overview of the new feature:

  • An ability to select any document revision that is not in a running state to be pushed manually to a specific workflow set on the project folder, i.e. document revision that does not have a workflow, is in cancelled or completed state can be pushed to a specific workflow.
  • Project Administrators can now select the workflows applied on the project folder and push it to any specific workflow.

Solution overview:

  • A new right-click option is now available to push the selected revision to a specific workflow.
  • Support single and batch function but it filters out any running workflow records.
  • Project Administrators can now select the workflow applied to the corresponding project folder only.
  • Once saved, the workflow will be triggered and will initiate as a start to the workflow design based on conditions applied.

Posted by Denis Antony on 09 Jan 2021
Denis Antony

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