Visual Workflow - New function to cancel a running workflow on superseded versions

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Asite Platform – Visual Workflow updates

Here is a quick overview of the new features:

Visual Workflow - New function to cancel a running workflow on superseded versions

Asite is enhancing its robust Visual Workflow tool to enable Project Administrators to cancel running workflows on immediate previous / all superseded document versions. This will simplify and ensure that the project teams are always working on the latest version in compliance with the standard project protocols.

Key highlights:

  • Supports the cancelation of workflows on immediate or all superseded versions of the document.
  • Introduces a new visual workflow groovy script for quick workflow configuration.

Project Administrators can now configure system tasks via groovy script and apply them on folders to automatically cancel a running workflow on immediate previous or all superseded versions.

A sample groovy script is available. Please refer to the web-help for the sample groovy script and steps on the configuration.


  • Will I be able to update existing workflow definitions?
    Yes, you can edit the existing workflow definitions and add the system task configured with the groovy script, and it will take effect on all folders where the triggers are applied.
  • Will I be able to combine this with cleared tasks on superseded versions?
    Yes, you can add the system task to clear all incomplete tasks on immediate previous or all superseded revisions so that users can now focus on only their To-Dos on the latest document version.

Denis Antony, is a Senior Vice President Global Product Management at Asite leading the new product initiatives and innovations for the Adoddle VM and CDE (Common Data Environment) platform. He has overall 22 years of experience in the Information Technology and FMCG industry, expert at working in an environment of constant change and in managing multiple priorities in a fast-paced setting.

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