Asite CDE: Universal Web Viewer (UWV) interface upgrade

Asite CDE - Improved online 2D file web viewer interface.

Asite has updated its online 2D file viewer interface to provide its users with a more simplified and menu type navigation.

Here is a quick overview of the new feature:

The simplified default viewer interface

Users now have a more user-friendly and intuitive interface


Menu style navigation options

Asite now offers improved navigation within its online 2D web viewer. It will now come with a menu style layout helping users access functions with ease.


Easy and user-friendly display of mark-up tools with a logical grouping

The mark-up tools are now presented as buttons with the textual representation of functions rather than just icons. The improves efficiency with ease of use.

Posted by Denis Antony on 14 Feb 2021
Denis Antony

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