Asite's project portfolio management solution gives you and your extended supply chain shared visibility of your capital projects through one common data environment.



Common Data Environment

Store, track, manage and access all assets from one centralized repository for all files associated with a project. From automatic version control and seamless integration abilities with both email and third-party platforms, to digital tracking with QR stamps and comprehensive review tools, Asite’s Document Management solution champions collaboration.

Whether it’s drawings, specifications, files with X-Refs, submissions, Request for Information (RFIs) or meeting minutes, Asite’s platform can view over 300 file types without requiring native software and allows project teams to complete tasks and manage documents with accuracy.

Team Collaboration

Obtain real-time visibility and control across contract processes, greatly reducing risk, with a secure system to send notifications and assign time-based actions. The centralized auditable view of notifications across all contracts ensures project team members are using the same information and contractors reply within the agreed timescales.

The solution caters for many different contract types including New Engineering Construction (NEC), used on both high profile and every day projects such as infrastructure, buildings and highways; Joint Contracts Tribunal, a set of standard documents used by the building industry to deliver a project; and International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), a local representative body for national associations of consulting engineers – similar to Asite’s NEC solution but aligned to FIDIC books.

Project Financials

The project financials eliminates delays due to inefficient processes & spreadsheets by connecting your teams, systems, and processes on a single source of truth.

The solution enables teams track and monitor every step of the construction projects, be it capital budgeting and planning, cost tracking, committents and actuals, funding and contract / variation orders.


The Field Management App enables project collaboration on the move or anywhere on-site. With this tool, users can publish and share drawings, photos, files and set tasks at any time and from any location.

The tool ensures that those working on-site always have access to the latest project information and can immediately raise and create site tasks, such as defects and snags, on the App.

Offline functionality allows users to access all site locations on a calibrated plan and raise site tasks with supporting media from the device, such as photos. Once the device obtains a network connection, changes made when offline will automatically synchronize across to the web and allocate user tasks accordingly.

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