Files - Save time and improve efficiency using automatic upload of secondary files in bulk.

Asite has enhanced its robust Common Data Environment (CDE) solution to enable project teams with the ability to upload secondary files in bulk. Once a secondary file is uploaded, it will automatically be attached to the primary file based on the filename.

Here is a quick overview of the feature

Bulk upload of secondary file

When uploading files in bulk, you can now drag and drop or browse and select multiple secondary files in the upload interface. The files will be uploaded to Asite and automatically attached to the corresponding primary files.


Automatic matching of secondary file

If your primary files and secondary files have the same file name (minus the extension), the system can automatically match the secondary files with the primary files when uploading in bulk.
For example, to attach your .dwg files as secondary files to your primary .pdf files, ensure to keep the same file name on both extensions and the system will automatically match them together when uploading them in bulk.


Posted by Denis Antony on 20 Jun 2021
Denis Antony

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