Supply Chain Management

Build the right relationships to reduce project risk. Supply Chain Management software can help with every step of supply chain management including selection, qualification, evaluation, procurement, and payment.

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Project Owners
Project Owners

Assemble the right teams to deliver your projects on schedule and on budget. Ensure your investment pays off by working with vetted and qualified contractors. Simplify your procurement of goods through online hosting of product catalogs by your supply chain.

Expand your project teams with Marketplace.

Qualify and evaluate your supply chain with Supplier Relationship Management.

Host catalogs and utilize our Procure to Pay (P2P) process with etrading.


Tier 1 General Contractors
General Contractors
Identify and select suppliers and subcontractors to join your teams. Complete qualification and evaluation to build an approved list of trading partners. Organize and manage the bid process from issuing bids to awarding contracts.

Find and qualify new partners and products with Marketplace.

Qualify, evaluate, and invite your network to bid for opportunities through our Marketplace.

Improve compliance, enhance your P2P processes by issuing electronic orders and invoices with seamless integration to ERP systems.
Subcontractors and Suppliers
Subcontractors and Suppliers

Discover and bid on new projects. Improve the visibility of your products and services with contractors and owners. Build a network with companies that have efficient payment processes.

Advertise your products and services with Marketplace.

Improve bidding opportunities by adding products and updating pricing with Marketplace.

Bid and win new projects with Bid Winner.

Get paid with trading.

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Put the right teams on the right projects.

Get the tools you need to manage your entire supply chain--from finding the right subcontractors to seamlessly issuing electronic orders and invoices.



Supplier Relationship Management

Automate pre-qualification and Invitations to Bid with our integrated Supplier Relationship Management & Bid Management software. Be more efficient in capturing critical information from your supply chain.

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Maximize the benefits of preferred vendor relationships. The eTrading hub allows contractors to buy from their approved list of suppliers with agreed prices and standards.

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Automating Supply Chain Processes - BIRSE RAIL-Nov-02-2021-09-55-56-22-AM
Case Study

Birse Rail

Birse Rail, part of Birse Construction, provides specialist railway engineering services across the UK. Since it’s inception, Birse Rail has rapidly developed into one of the industry’s leading players delivering high profile schemes for Network Rail and other industry stakeholders across the UK railway network.

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Connecting Construction Supply Chains-4
Case Study

Sheffield Insulations

Sheffield Insulations Group (SIG) is a leading distributor of specialist building products in Europe, specifically in the product areas of insulation and interiors, roofing and exteriors, and air handling.

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Streamlining Procurement Processes - WOLSELEY-Nov-02-2021-09-56-55-75-AM
Case Study

Wolseley, Streamlining Procurement Processes

Wolseley and MES achieve significant transactional savings through the use of Asite and increase their volume of e-commerce transactions on Asite without investing in additional IT infrastructure.

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Manage your projects more effectively with the Asite IDP

What is an IDP? The Asite Information Delivery Plan (IDP) is a digital solution used to outline the deliverables expected from the supply chain across the project lifecycle. Supported by the Asite...