Adoddle Field for Site - Experience On-site Collaboration like Never Before

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Adoddle Field for Site - Experience On-site Collaboration like Never Before

Adoddle Field for Site ensures that those working on-site have access to the latest project information, both online and offline, using the mobile and tablet app.

Asite has upgraded its Adoddle Field App with a new site dashboard mainly focussed on site-related activities, and improved interface and navigation improvements with short-cuts to create new records or reach to your information.

What's new

Updates and new features include:

  • New dashboard focused on site-related activities.
  • Shortcut on the dashboard to add new site task (punch list/defect/snag).
  • Offline support is available for site dashboard.
  • User interface and navigation improvements for site plans and tasks.
  • Simplified menu for quick navigation.
  • Tab pinning to allow for a default landing page.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


The recent updates will enhance collaboration on-site like never before, powering project teams to share and manage information seamlessly between the office and the construction site. 

With Adoddle Field for Site, project teams can efficiently create, view, and manage site tasks – such as defects, punch lists, and snags – using mobile/tablet devices. The application allows users to pin forms to locations on the project sitemap, allowing for accurate reporting.

The Asite Platform and Adoddle Field for Site work hand-in-hand to guarantee that all changes are seamlessly synchronized with the Asite Common Data Environment (CDE).

To learn more about the product and how it can connect your office with the construction site, please contact our team by booking a quick demo here

Denis Antony, is a Senior Vice President Global Product Management at Asite leading the new product initiatives and innovations for the Adoddle VM and CDE (Common Data Environment) platform. He has overall 22 years of experience in the Information Technology and FMCG industry, expert at working in an environment of constant change and in managing multiple priorities in a fast-paced setting.

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