Complete and precise asset management.

A complex, ever-changing list of assets is difficult to keep track of, without time consuming and expensive
audits. Whatever your assets, whether retail, healthcare or infrastructure we offer a total management solution
that will suit all your business needs.

Asset Registers

Asset Registers


Streamline your asset management process
to improve service and reduce costs.

Asset Registers

Better understand and manage your assets by
taking a 360 view of your full asset portfolio

Asset Registers

Realise economies of scale by utilising a single
environment to build an inventory for your complex assets.


Improve your communications across teams.

Maintenance and Planning

Maintenance schedules

Online, offline, any device!

Manage your schedules in a full-scale asset management solution in your pocket, available anytime, anywhere

Generate schedules preventive maintenance work orders for specific assets, locations or routes

Provides detailed descriptions of preventive maintenance work that you perform by assigning one or more job plans to the record.

Clear and easy to use with ease of navigation and access information

Full audit trail available for all actions executed.

Inventory planning and procurement

Create a Centrally managed, seamless procurement process.

Manage your catalogue data for price sensitive items

Electronically receive orders from buyers.

Create Advance Shipping Notes and issue to buyers.

Create Invoices from Orders upon order fulfilment.

Phone View

Model management

Adoddle was built to be a leader in collaborative Building Information Modeling.

Asite was involved in the development of PAS1192 Standards and has continued to innovate in BIM for collaboration within architecture, engineering and construction.

Integrates directly with Autodesk TM Revit TM.

Upload and share your 3D Model files online.
Collaboratively review and mark-up model files.

Exchange data from 3D BIM Collaborative environments such as COBie (Construction Operation Building Information Exchange).

Search various objects, its revisions and associated documents within all AEC disciplines.

Associate any information such as plans, specifications and warranties at asset level within the model.

Maintain a clear audit trail by tracking version control and updates to the files and models.