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Ash Bailey, SF Development Officer, Stoke on Trent City Council
"By using Adoddle across our programme, our teams were able to work collaboratively, which helped us to reduce error and risk, make time and costs savings and deliver more value. I would highly recommend the use of Adoddle for mission critical corporate collaboration."
Steve Brewer, Grosvenor
"Using Asite Workspace has been of great benefit to Grosvenor. It has given us easy access to our project data and we can clearly see what and where progress is being made. It has helped communication between all our project delivery partners"
Matthew Riley, BAA Commercial Director for Terminal 5
"Over the last year Asite has delivered significant time and cost benefits to BAA's projects, typically reducing out-turn costs by 2%"
95 Queen Victoria Street project team,
"Asite Collaboration was voted as "Top added value tool to take to the next project."
Paul Davey, Bovis Lend Lease
"There is less rework as people use the right information, first time. There is no argument as to whether a document is the latest, and the one which should be used."
Sujatha Naren, Synergy
We would like to thank Asite Solutions for their excellent support and professionalism during the implementation of Adoddle by Asite Solutions for Synergy projects.


Synergy team appreciated:
  • The product Adoddle by Asite Solutions has been a good fit for our project management needs within Synergy.
  • Excellent support and customization by Asite, paying attention to all details during launch and implementation phase.
  • Post Implementation training and 24*7 support by Asite team made using Adoddle smooth and easy.

We congratulate Asite for their industry best product and implementation performance. we are looking forward for further improvement for our mutual co-operation and success.

Ian Eggers, Mace Ltd
"We endorse the use of Asite's collaboration and e-procurement tools throughout our supply chain, particularly among our trade contractors. This is one of the ways we are continually adding value to our business and improving the services we offer to clients."
Gareth John, Project Procurement Manager for Laing O'Rourke at T5.
"The results from using the Asite Tender tool have demonstrated significant savings in programme and cost. The use of the Asite Tender tool and customer support have exceeded our expectations..."
Victoria Hill-Stanford, Birse Rail Limited.
"We expect to dramatically reduce the administrative overhead of managing the tenders for the framework agreement as well as improving visibility on behalf of our client, Network Rail. The visible audit trail and fast track communication process that it facilitates will also ensure a more proactive communication network with our supply chain during the tender process whilst maintaining the integrity and security of the tender process."

"Asite Tender provided all the functionality we needed, yet is very simple to use and cost effective. The support services from Asite will ensure that our users and suppliers are completely comfortable with using the tool, so that we can progress quickly with using it within our business"
Steve Hollingshead, Chief Operating Officer, R. O'Rourke & Son
"The Laing O'Rourke Group is driven by the desire to 'challenge and change the image of construction worldwide'. As we move towards our vision of being 'the company of first choice to all stakeholders', we are developing a world-class procurement system which enables the Group to optimise the results of its relationships with its preferred suppliers."
David Saunders, Financial Director, MES
"I believe that it will help the bottom line....I expect it to bring a significant reduction on costs - both on site and in admin".
David Moody, Sales and Marketing Director, Wolseley
"There's no doubt it will work".
Richard Harris, Travel Inn, Director of Property
"There are tangible benefits. We've reduced the cost of printings, drawings, postage. It eliminates time delays resulting in a reduction in project risk."
Iain Worby, Welsh Health Estates
"Business benefits have been gained from adopting the Asite Solution"