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Three Key Takeaways from Asite's Digital Twin Webinar

Posted by Rachel Carey on 01-Mar-2021 12:00:29


With this rise of new technologies, digital twins are becoming increasingly common, leading to better design decisions and, subsequently, improving building modifications, operation, and facility maintenance.

Last week our SVP for APAC, Atit Patel, hosted an exciting panel discussion on digital twins, examining the implications of this game-changing solution for the construction industry.

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Tags: Digital Engineering, Digital Twin, Digital transformation

Digital Infrastructure and the Road to Recovery

Posted by Rachel Carey on 01-Dec-2020 05:13:51


The term digital infrastructure relates to the physical resources and foundational services which enable the use of information technology in a given region or organization.

Digital infrastructure underpins how organizations, communities, and individuals live, work, and operate. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global digital infrastructure to work harder than ever before, and our reliance on it has been accentuated, highlighting the need for an improvement in how our digital infrastructure operates.


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What can we learn from the UK's National Data Strategy

Posted by Rachel Carey on 30-Oct-2020 04:58:53

In response to the great technological changes that have taken place over the past five years, the UK’s National Data Strategy outlines the UK Government's plan to invest in data to strengthen the economy and create future opportunities.

As part of the strategy, the Government commits to the development of a clear policy framework that will determine what interventions are needed to unlock the value and power of data across the economy and help propel the UK forward in its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

It is imperative, as this strategy begins to take shape, that it is monitored and examined by global audiences, who can borrow from the framework to excel their own optimization of data and work together to achieve a global interoperable data sharing system.

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Three Key Takeaways from Asite’s BIM & Digital Construction Webinar

Posted by Rachel Carey on 04-Sep-2020 10:17:57


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Capital Projects and Infrastructure Developments that Build Better with Asite

Posted by Rachel Carey on 21-Jul-2020 12:16:11


Asite’s platform enables organizations to come together, plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain.

With a strong reputation for supporting challenging and complex construction projects worldwide, some of the world’s most exciting capital projects and infrastructure developments have utilized Asite to improve how they work, with many projects continuing to use Asite today.

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Tags: Capital projects, Highways and Airport Infrastructure, Asite Case Study, Infrastructure, Dubai Airport, Heathrow Terminal 5, Engineering-construction

Creating Social Value with Smart Construction

Posted by Rachel Carey on 25-Jun-2020 03:50:33


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Tags: Social Value Blog Series, Social Value in Construction, Social Value, corporate social responsibility, Smart Construction, MMC, Smart Contracts

Embracing new technologies: The key to meeting government housing targets and solving housing demand in the UK

Posted by Rachel Carey on 06-May-2020 00:00:00


According to the National Housing Federation, in 2019, an estimated 8.4 million people in England were living in an unaffordable, insecure, or unsuitable home. These housing issues included overcrowding, poor-quality homes, and so-called "hidden households" – a term to describe situations in which people cannot afford to move out of house shares, parental homes, or those shared with an ex-partner.

This problem is not unique to England; every other country is also in the midst of a housing crisis with demand continuing to grow. There is a real concern that the COVID-19 pandemic will worsen the crisis.

Embracing new construction techniques is one way the industry can respond.

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Tags: COVID-19, Blog about COVID19, Housing Demand, Housing Market UK, New Technology, Redrow Home, Housing Crisis, Property-real-estate

Responding to COVID-19 – a global industry but no global response

Posted by Rachel Carey on 14-Apr-2020 09:32:32

As the global COVID-19 outbreak escalates, the construction industry continues to adapt. As detailed in our initial examination, the industry’s response remains varied.

However, as the global industry does what it can to help during the pandemic, including building temporary hospitals, installing complex and life-saving oxygen systems, and donating PPE supplies where possible, it also needs to begin putting measures in place to prepare for what lies ahead.

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Tags: AEC Sector, Construction Industry, COVID-19, Blog about COVID19, Build better, Global Response

China, the beacon of hope – How the construction industry is responding to COVID-19

Posted by Rachel Carey on 24-Mar-2020 13:28:29

COVID-19 has caused widespread disruption to the construction industry internationally.

The initial difficulties sourcing construction materials, as a result of mass production shutdowns and supply chain disruptions in China, caused a ripple effect across all sectors globally. Project sites were further disrupted with the introduction of social distancing measures in a bid to prioritize the safety of workers.

However, while we can expect that the construction industry will face increasing challenges as virus numbers continue to grow worldwide, the declining number of cases in China and the reopening of the nation’s construction sites does offer some hope.

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Why a Common Data Environment is essential for your project?

Posted by Rachel Carey on 17-Mar-2020 11:24:20

A Common Data Environment (CDE) is a central repository where construction project information is housed. It is the single source of information for the project. It is used to collect, manage, collaborate, and share project information with the project team..

A CDE is updated throughout the project lifecycle. It can hold information relating to all aspects of the project, including documents, contracts, reports, bids, and model information. A CDE enhances collaboration and increases security and the auditability of data. It also streamlines systems and processes used within and between the company and their supply chain.

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